Hello. What’s Your Name?

Of all the things I imagined myself agonizing over when writing a book, my author name was definitely not at the top of the list. And yet, since deciding to write under the pen name Francis Currier (about four years ago), I’ve done a lot of second guessing, researching, and discussing the pros and cons of taking a pseudonym.

Why has this been such a big deal? I honestly don’t know. Somewhere along the line I got it in my head that authors were supposed to write under pen names. The appeal is it allows some privacy, some mystery, some secrecy… And all of these are true. But I also found it provided a lot of opportunities for name mix-ups, confusion, potential legal problems, and promotion difficulties.

So, in an effort to make things a bit easier, I’ve decided to scrap the whole persona thing and stick with my actual name. Hello folks. My name is Morgan Currier, and I’m a writer.

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