Running With Inspiration

I went for my first post-surgery run last week. My last run was about seven weeks ago, so it’s been a longish break. I could have started running again after ten days, but I didn’t feel ready. So I waited.

My cousin Sam Bailey was my inspiration. She posted an awesome picture from one of her runs where the runners also picked up garbage, and she mentioned how she’s been running a ton since the start of COVID. Suddenly my brain said, “Hey, we should start again. And train for a marathon!” But not just any marathon. For years my goal has been to run the Harpeth Hills Flying Monkey Marathon in the Warner Parks of Nashville, TN. A wonderfully, quirky, grueling, non-qualifying course that may not even be a full marathon. My kind of course.

I haven’t done long-distance in quite a few years, although I used to run between five and seven miles several times a week. So, if I have any hope of running a full 26.2 miles I’ll need to slowly build myself back up to long-distance running. The first run was just two miles. A couple of days later I did another run – again, just a two-mile jaunt. Two days after that I added a half mile. November 2021. 26.2 miles. I’ll get there – a half-mile at a time.

And that got me to thinking about my writing, because it’s something else I’ve fallen behind on. After I finished And Justice Will Be Done I started working on several different projects but couldn’t settle on one. And then I wasn’t writing anything because I was sleeping, healing, and then back to real-world work. Let’s face it, we create hundreds of reasons why we don’t do things. Like running (or anything, really), once you stop it’s difficult to start again. So, I’ve decided to approach writing like I do running. Doing a small amount at a time. 500 words a day. It’s not a lot, but it will move things forward. And for now, that’s enough.

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