Here’s a horrifying reality – It’s been exactly one year since I updated this site. I didn’t even realize it until I read the last thing I posted and found the date on it. 30 September 2020. Dear God, where has the year gone!

It would actually be worse if I hadn’t written anything in a year and thankfully that isn’t the case. I did manage to publish another book in late May (check out Pulling Down the Moon on Amazon), and that was an amazing project in itself (and one I should really write about). I also just finished a 1000-word short about twenty minutes ago.

So yay – accomplishments But, as I was looking at this website and what I was reading and working on a year ago, I was a little startled to see I’m once again reading the same book (Mistress of the Art of Death) for the same reason I read it last time. Because I’m back to working on the same story.

What’s the saying about the definition of insanity??

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